Sample Journal Writing

Each administrative certification candidate will be required to complete a minimum of six complete Field Journal entries during the first semester. A minimum of 10 additional entries will be completed during the second semester for a total of at least 16 journal entries. Journal entries must describe, analyze, and interpret administrative activities that candidates observe and/or in which they participate.

In addition to periodic reviews of journal work in progress, the Faculty Supervisor will perform a complete formative evaluation of each journal at the end of the first semester.

New Feature Journal

I still see administrators as managers for the most part. They have to see that the school is up and running each day and that everything goes smoothly. On the other hand, they also have to be willing to let others take the initiative, even encourage teachers to be creative and to handle problems on their own.

Dr. Miller told this story from her first job as principal of a small rural high school in Southern Illinois. The building had a very old heating system with a boiler that was cantankerous and living on borrowed time. It seems the principal before her had some mechanical ability and was able to keep the system running.