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The MGMI, Headquarter and 17 Branches in different regions hold many events throughout the year which could be broadly grouped under the following categories :

Organizes 'International and National Seminar/ workshop' on topical challenging issues related to the Industry. The title of some recent seminars would provide a glimpse of the wide range of coverage :

  • 1st Asian Mining Congress (2006)
  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2005)
  • Bridging the Demand Supply Gap in Indian Coal Industry (2005)
  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2004)
  • Future on Indian Mineral Industry (2004)
  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2003)
  • Merging Challenges in Mining Industry (2003)
  • Development of Indian Mineral Industry Looking Ahead (2003)

  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2002)
  • Mineral Industry : Issues on Economic Environment and Technology (2002)
  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2001)
  • Mechanization and Automation in Mineral Industry (2001)
  • Beneficiation of coal and Minerals (2000)
  • Mining & Marketing of Mineral (2000)
  • Management of Mining Machinery (1999)
  • Marketing of Indian coals (1999)

  • Technological advance in Open Cast Mining (1998)
  • "Mining Engineering Education - Re Orientation Needs" in 1998
  • Disaster Prevention Management (1997)
  • Information Technology (1997)
  • Business and Investment Opportunities in Mining Industries (1996)
  • Maintenance Management of Mining Machinery (1995)
  • Asian Mining Conference & Exhibition (1993)

In the globalize framework - it is imperative to have a new brand of Technologists and realizing the importance of HRD issue, the Institute organized workshop on "Mining Engineering Education - Re Orientation Needs" in 1998 - with assistance from 'All India Council of Technical Educate (AICTE)', Mining Organizations, Academic Institutions and Director General Mines Safety.

  • Organizes International Seminars / Workshop to discuss threadbare the problems faced by Indian Mining Industry in a competitive Global Market. Participants include specialists from India and abroad.
  • Reputed international organizations also get an opportunity to display the capabilities of their 'Equipment' or Systems',. Through exhibits or computerized presentation in such events for effective interaction with Indian counterparts. Seminars held since 1991 are mentioned under "Past Events"
  • Arranges periodic 'Technical Meet' ( both at HQ, and Branches ) where members present their views, experiences, case histories etc on wide ranging issues.
  • Visits to selected places are organized periodically, for enabling members for on the spot exposure to the specific problems or performance of a particular project. The aim is to disseminate /exchange experiences between practicing professionals engaged in similar projects and also to elicit responses from senior participants.
  • Updates periodically INDIAN MINING DIRECTORY which provide listing of organizations in the Mining and allied sector and also the addresses of all categories of Members.
  • Undertakes time bound RESEARCH PROJECTS on Sponsorship Basis.
  • Annual Lectures by eminent scientists/technocrats are :
    • Holland Memorial Lecture named after Sir T. H. Holland, founder of the Institute.
    • Foundation Day Lecture ( on 17th Jan ) Besides, 'Periodic Lectures' on current topic are arranged both by HQ and branches.
MGMI Services :

The motto of the Institute is to serve individuals / Organizations engaged in the fields of Minerals, Mines and Marketing.

The Institute does not receive any grant from the Government or any other Agencies to pursue its own programme of activities or project. Some services are rendered, on charge basis.


    There are large number of Companies located in different parts of our country and the number of specialists/professionals are also very large. The institute being very old - has access to relevant information which it compiles and updates periodically in the Indian Mining Directory.

    This may not be exhaustive for a vast country like India but CERTAINLY USEFUL AS A WINDOW TO THE TOTAL GAMUT OF SCATTERED INFORMATION in the field.


    This multi-tier system aims to provide services to different sectors from STUDENTS to INTERESTED ENTREPRENEURS both within the country and abroad.


    In house training programme are organized only on sponsorship basis. The new building has adequate space and built-in facilities for organizing several programme SIMULTANEOUSLY.

  • HRD :

    The Institutes welcomes students as MEMBERS and encourages them to make it an integral part of learning fore building a network of budding professionals . Awards are distributed during 'Annual general Meeting' to enable the students to interact with Seniors.

  • Students members are provided with free publications and encouraged to participate in National/International conferences.
  • IF YOU HAVE SPECIFIC QUESTIONS ON RESOURCES, EQUIPMENT AVAILABLE FOR USE OR THOSE IN DEMAND, POLICIES AND PRIORITIES IN PARTICULAR SECTOR e.g Existing legislations on mining / joint ventures / environmental issues - or recent amendments on any allied field - CONTACT US

MGMI Headquarters :

The four storied MGMI building (over 13,000 sq.ft.) located at Sector V, Salt Lake, commissioned in 1999, provide excellence facilities with Air-conditioned Conference / Seminar hall, Air-conditioned Room, Technical Workshop, Training Facility, Library, Communication Centre, Computerized Documentation Centre, Residential Facility etc